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סירנה אלחוטית משולבת נצנץ לתנאי חוץ לרכזות פוקוס

דו כיווני בעוצמה עד 100 דציבל


Through wireless communication,it communicates with the wireless products of the same frequency,like the alarm panel,detectors,remote controllers,etc.,which can realize the sound and light alarm function.And it also gives beeping sound when the remote controller which have coded with the siren arm or disarm. The siren has anti-tamper function to avoid intentional damage or dismantle.When alarm happens,it make high alarm sound.The siren, with beautiful appearance and loud sound,is widely used in corridors,windows,homes,offices,factories,shops and so on.

  • Function

◎ Double flashing light.
◎ Built-in tweeter.
◎ 2-way communication with alarm control panel.
◎ Can arm/disarm by remote controller.
◎ with tamper alarm.
◎ Can enroll 16 wireless devices.

  • Specification

Wireless communication distance:100m (In the open area)
Working volage:DC12~15V
backup power:7.4V/1000mAh(Rechargeable lithium battery)
Quiescent Current:<15mA
Working current:<1.2A
Debugging method:ASK
Working frequency:433MHz
Alarm loudness: about 100dB
Sirens ringing time: 150 seconds

Size: (L*W*H)230*165*55mm
Trigger mode: When arm by remote, the detector and magnetic 
contact etc. which have coded with the siren will alarm when 
they are triggered.Or the panel send signal to the siren,and 
it makes alarm.
It can code with Max 16 wireless device.

סירנה אלחוטית משולבת נצנץ לתנאי חוץ

880.00 ₪Price